Sunday, March 11, 2012

Been a while

Since my last post, I've run the Walt Disney World Marathon, setting a PR and had a much more active recovery period than I planned. I've also pretty well set my race schedule for the year and it seems ambitious to me although I know several people who are planning on running more races than I am, so it may just be that I haven't planned this many races.

This year I have the following races planned:
January - WDW Marathon
March - Get Lucky Half Marathon
April - Get in Gear Half Marathon
May - Fargo Half Marathon
June - Minneapolis Marathon
August - Minneapolis Duathlon
October - Twin Cities Marathon & Monster Dash Half Marathon

I may do a half on July 4th, depending on family plans.

And in January 2013, I'm planning on the Goofy Challenge at WDW. Seems like a full schedule to me when you consider that I'm also starting swim lessons in a week (never learned to swim and now's the time).

So a busy schedule should keep me busy for the year. As long as I avoid injuries and the weather doesn't get cataclysmic, I should have a great year.

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